Type of organisation Name Name (native) Country Website
Association for the Blind French Federation of Guide Dog Associations (FFAC) France http://www.chiensguides.fr/site/accueil/index.php
Teachers of IVIs KAUNO PRANO DAUNIO AKLŲJŲ IR SILPNAREGIŲ UGDYMO CENTRE Lithuania http://www.kasuc.lm.lt/
Association for the Blind Les Primevères - IJAA IJAA France http://www.cra-rhone-alpes.org/
Association for the Blind Liepājas Neredzīgo biedrība Latvia http://www.redzigaismu.lv/
Association for the Blind Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired Blinden- und Sehbindertenverein Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V. Germany www.bsvmv.de
Association for the Blind Pancyprian Organization of the Blind Cyprus www.kysoa.org.cy
Association for the Blind (Croatian Association of Deafblind Persons) Croatian Croatia www.dodir.hr
Other Accessibility Unit for Students with Disabilitites-National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Μονάδα Προσβασιμότητας για Φοιτητές με Αναπηρία-Εθνικό και Καποδιστριακό Πανεπιστήμιο Αθηνών Greece http://access.uoa.gr/
Designer of O&M aids Accesstech Accesstech Switzerland http://www.accesstech.ch
Association for the Blind Action for Blind People United Kingdom www.actionforblindpeople.org.uk/
Association for the Blind AGSS -Workinggroup Study for the Visually Impaired AGSS - Arbeitsgruppe Studium für Sehgeschädigte Germany www.fh-lausitz.de/agss
Association for the Blind ALTINOKTA Association of the Blind Turkey http://www.altinokta.org.tr/rehber_brosur.php
Association for the Blind Altınokta Körler Derneği Ankara Şubesi Turkish Hungary http://www.ankaraaltinokta.org/iletisim.php
Other ALTINOKTA KÖRLERE HİZMET VAKFI Turkish Hungary http://www.altinokta.org.tr/korlere_hizmet_vakfi.php
Other Andragoški center Republike Slovenije Slovenia http://www.acs.si/
Association for the Blind Anne Sullivan Centre Ireland
Association for the Blind APASCIDE - Spanish Association of Parents of Deafblind People APASCIDE - ASOCIACIÓN ESPAÑOLA DE PADRES DE SORDOCIEGOS DE ESPAÑA Spain http://www.deafblind.com/europe.html#APASCIDE%20-%20Spanish%20Association%20of%20Parents%20of
Governmental and EU organisation Apeirons - invalīdu un viņu draugu apvienība Apeirons Latvia http://www.apeirons.lv/new/
Rehabilitation specialist Arla Institute Finland icevi.org/publications/ICEVI-WC2002/papers/02-topic/02-aulilo.htm
Association for the Blind Associatin of Retinopathy of Portugal Associação de Retinopatia de Portugal - ARP Portugal www.retinaportugal.org.pt
Association for the Blind Association A.I.R France http://www.air-asso.org/
Association for the Blind Association des Aveugles de Créteil France http://lesaveuglesdecreteil.free.fr/
Association for the Blind Association for support and information of the blind and partially sighted Associação de Apoio e Informação a Cegos e Amblíopes - AAICA Portugal www.aaica.pt
Association for the Blind Association for the Blind of Magnesia Σωματείο Ατόμων με Αναπηρία Όρασης Ν.Μαγνησίας "ΜΑΓΝΗΤΕΣ ΤΥΦΛΟΙ" Greece www.maty.gr
Association for the Blind Association for the Development of Information Technology Systems for the Disabled Italy http://www.asphi.it/
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