Work Package Name of deliverable
WP 2.1 User requirements and specifications (report)
WP 2.2 Audio-tactile symbols (report)
WP 2.3 Audio-tactile maps (report)
WP 2.5 Reporting testing results (report)
WP 2.6 Audio-tactile symbols specification activities (report)
WP 3.1 Web-based library of audio-tactile symbols (product available via the website)
WP 3.2 Political-physical audio-tactile atlas of Europe (product available via the website)
WP 4.2 Training activities (event)
WP 6.1 Project Website (
WP 6.3 Dissemination products and material (electronic and hard copy material)
WP 6.4 Workshop (event)
WP 6.5 E-Learning informational session for raising awareness (event)
WP 7.2 Electronic Index of organizations (report)
WP 7.3 Update of Relevant Bodies (event)