Mustafa Kemal University presented the ATMAPS project at the 8th Barrierefree Universities Workshop in Erzurum, Turkey from 15-17 may 2014. Participants from 60 different universities from all over Turkey took part in the workshop. The high number of participants shows that accessibility is an important topic at Turkish universities.

Logo of the ATMAPS projectA new logo was created which will be used on the website and the publications. It shows the normal print of the project's abbreviation ATMAPS. The capital "A" symbolises a compass needle pointing at the symbols for orientation and mobilty for maps which will be developed during the project. Above the normal print, ATMAPS is also print in Braille.

The first meeting was a Kick-Off as well as coordination meeting. It took place 11th and 12th of February 2014 at the University of Macedonia (UOM) in Thessaloniki. The project's applicant and the administrative coordinator UOM and the project partners launched the project titled “Specification of symbols used on audio-tactile maps for individuals with blindness” (ATMAPS). Representatives of all project partners from Greece, Germany, Turkey and Cyprus attended the meeting.